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crescenciabeauty: I was listening to Immortal Technique and something popped into my head (and I always used to wonder this): why do Latinx rappers like him or Fat Joe or Big Pun were able to use the n word in their music all the time even though they're Latinx?



You know what, you right for pointing this out because I’mma be honest this never really dawned on me that this was the case. I mean, I honestly thought and still think that Fat Joe has African ancestry that’s pretty obvious (If i remember correctly he has puerto rican and cuban ancestry so afro-ancestry could come from either side tbh) but other rappers i never thought about. I know once I was listening to Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill and homie in that song says “A nigga like me is going insane” and i think to myself “wait, what” but then i just forgot about it. I don’t know, i guess this really gets ignored when it comes to hip hop because black and brown cultures tend to blend into each other and then you get into the black card and passes and shit that i’m definitely not for but admittedly sometimes shit just slips my mind. So I’m glad you’re pointing this out.


oh, and i thought i added this in but i didn’t. I don’t listen to Immortal Technique and i don’t know what he looks like and i’m seeing in some comments that he’s Afro-Peruvian so nvm on that i guess. I also saw in the comments and i think I should repeat here is that Latinx is not a race so any person who is Latinx could very well have African ancestry to where they identify as Afro-Latinx


aceofspadezworld: I have a submission. As I was walking to the library on campus, I noticed one of my freshmen friends walking around. I proceed to wave at him and he doesn't wave back. As I got closer he finally waves back but then says this to me "I didn't wave at you because I was not sure who you were. I didn't want to wave at a random black stranger because you might bust a cap in my ass." After that I tell him that you just stereotyped me, BYE!!!!!!!!! and then I leave.

smilexoxoxox: Wait why can't white people wear a bindi ?


Because contrary to popular belief, white people aren’t entitled to everyfuckinthang


v-regina-deactivated20140922: If it wasn't for us white people, you colored people would still be in Africa playing bongo drums. Ever noticed how Africa and the Middle East are like shit holes, and Europe and America so civilized and technically advanced? Yeah.


Lmao. Okay Becky. If that’s what helps you sleep at night 😂


v-regina-deactivated20140922: You blacks, Arabs and Indians have never invented anything, or made any useful contributions to civilization. Everything was created by us white people, which leads me to my first point: that you (or y'all, as you type it) would live in the stone age. Bye.


Lmao. Take them big ol choppers in your mouth and go mimis Becky 😴



No one can ever pull off a Bindi as well as Desi women do. So just stop trying

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Not all people are like that.

And the worst thing is, you all are blindly attacking EVERYONE due to the stereotype that you have set.

They can’t help being white anymore than a black or Chinese can.

"A ‘black’ or ‘Chinese’".

Bye racist white.

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muppet-fam: How do you feel when races that aren't black, say the word nigga? Coming from a black person it gets on my last nerves. Like I see all these little Caucasian girls using it thinking it's funny when really it just makes me angry. Your opinion?


As always if youre not black don’t say it




if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.

if a white woman worked in a store with hair she hadnt brushed and called it her “natural” hair it would still be unprofessional.


A black woman’s natural hair is of the same quality as a white woman’s unkempt hair.

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